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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Fecal Transplant

Clostridium Difficile is without a question a nasty little pathogen that you don’t want to meet. It’s the leading cause of diarrhea in hospital patients and is transmitted through nasty little spores that can only be eradicated using bleach. But that’s not the least of it, as the cure for chronic symptoms is stomach-churningly gross.

A Little Coup

Fascinating story of white supremiscists, a would-be dictator, a small island, and a failed coup attempt.

Grant McLennan, RIP

The world lost one of its greatest songwriters when Grant McLennan died yesterday. I’m sure this will raise the profile of the Go-Betweens somewhat. It’s a shame that sometimes that is what it takes. Nevertheless McLennan left behind a enviably broad and deep catalog of songs. If you’ve never heard them before, there are nine […]

Blaine Underwater

Check out David Blaine underwater (cool pictures.)

Mission Accomplished

While looking at for the Stephen Colbert video, I happened upon this depressing update on “Mission Accomplished.” Did you know what V-I day (Victory in Iraq Day) was three years ago?

Was it funny?

Stephen Colbert didn’t exactly kill at last night’s White House Press Association Dinner. The response was lukewarm and it clearly put him off his game. Perhaps the situation is just to painful to laugh at. Daily Kos has a transcript of the event.