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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Creepy Space

The concept of is pretty creepy and something about these newsworthy deaths being reported on it makes it even creepier.

Clavia Nord Electro goes 3.0

The Clavia Nord Electro has been updated to OS version 3.0 and the update includes two new piano samples. You can get more information from Clavia’s site. I will write again after I’ve updated and tried it out.


Why is there so much incompetence in the workforce and why is it so easy for everybody to see except for the incompetent person? The psychology study Unskilled and Unawre of It goes a long way in explaing the phenomenon. The net: the nature of incompetence is a lack of awareness and paradoxically, by becoming […]

“HOP” Level

New York magazine has a feature about the (allegedly) growing conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks. I say allegedly, because I personally haven’t heard too much of it in a long time. One of the most amusing parts of the article is the section on ‘HOP’ levels, namely the schools of thought about the 9/11 […]

Wasted Power

Many electronic devices aren’t ever really turned ‘off’ so to speak. A small trickle of power is necessary for them to display the time or jump to life on command. This ‘standby power’ is minute taken alone, but when everybody owns the same kind of devices, it begins to add up quickly to a great […]

Spamtastic contains a bunch of cartoons inspired by Spam subject lines. These are actually pretty funny sometimes.

Indecency Fines

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has a rundown of the latest fines imposed by the FCC. The agency is on a role and is using what appears to be a rather arbitrary system for finding fault and assessing fines.


I honestly thought that the Harper’s editorial that ran last month, “The Case for Impeachment”, was really nothing but some wishful thinking on the part of the authors. However, it appears that things have gone past the wishful thinking stage into real action. Congressman John Conyors has two blog entries on his site. The first […]

Fact-Checking Government Statistics

John Williams’ Shadow Government Statistics is a monthly newsletter which provides alternative analysis of government statisitcs. The newsletter itself costs a steep $175.00/year, so I won’t be subscribing. However, he provides some interesting notes on the structure and flaws in reporting of unemployment, federal deficit, consumer price index, and gross domestic product. Granted, if you […]

Whit Stillman

I have often wondered what happened to Whit Stillman, director of Metropolitan, Barcelona, and The Last Days of Disco. After making these three literate and charming movees, he totally dropped out and was rumored to be living in Paris. It turns out that he’s done very little since then, and he’s a little embarassed about […]