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Monthly Archives: February 2006

The Drug War

This is an excellent site I found via Metafilter. Brian Bennett has compiled a great deal of data on drug use. As he puts it on his site: “What I’ve atempted to do here is to create a level playing field in the drug war debate. As it turns out though, the data are actually […]

Eugene Mirman Cancels Dish Network Service

Eugene Mirman is hilarious, I really enjoyed this piece on cancelling Dish Network service.


The Aphex Twin video for “Windowlicker” is perhaps the most horrifying music video I’ve ever seen – but I can’t stop watching it.

Air Guitar Kills

I don’t usually expect to find out something horrifying when I visit the Music Thing blog. Save for Bob Moog’s unfortunate demise from a brain tumor the news is generally positive. Today is an exception, in this post, Music Thing reports a casualty of overenthusiastic air guitar.

Clavia Nord Modular Comparison Chart

Thanks to MatrixSynth blog for unearthing this Nord Modular comparison chart. The chart provides a nice summary of the capabilities of the various editions of the Nord Modular (my favorite synth.) As people have moved on to the G2, the earlier editions have begun coming down in price and Micro Modulars and Classic Modulars are […]

Yamaha DX-7II Manual

Here is the Yamaha DX-7II Manual, in case you need it.

Total Information Awareness

You may recall the brouhaha a few years back over a defense program called Total Information Awareness. (Actually the real brouhaha was over the terrorist futures market, run out of the same research branch as TIA.) According to a post on Think Progress, it’s still around, albeit under a different name. It’s called Google. Just […]

New Google Feature

Anybody notice that if you are logged into Google, you have an option to permanently remove results from search?


I noticed was indexing my site. It’s a real-time tracker that indexes blogs, much like Although it has a few nice other features for example: Backlinks Most clicked Most linked Flash Most linked flickr Most linked to Google Maps Most linked to IMDB entries Most linked to Quicktime Videos Most linked to Wikipedia Entries […]

Compulsory Licensing

Compulsory licensing refers to a situation where a party is legally required to grant license over (intellectual) property to another party. While this notion is generally absent from United States Patent Law, it does exist in other countries. For example, the Patently-O blow points to the compulsory license clauses in French and German Patent Law.